Digital lending processes need digital funding processes



No Market Access

Traditional lending is being disrupted by the digitization of the industry and adapting towards platform-based systems. Investors looking to connect have to significantly ramp-up their IT infrastructure. Without a high-tech connection layer, access at scale is impossible.




The evolving digital lending market is characterized by numerous new players serving different borrower segments and markets. Deploying significant amounts of capital in this space requires investors to connect to hundreds of individual platforms.


No comparability of ratings

Since each platform has its own rating scale, comparability of credit risk is not given. Assessing the underlying risk of digital loans across platforms requires enormous manual research for investors. For the segment to grow, a standardized single-loan scoring is needed.


No independent third party

There is no global standard to assess the quality of digital lending platforms and underlying investment risks. As a result, investors who want to invest in a compliant manner need to perform individual due diligence on every single platform.

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Benefit from

  • Multi-platform market access via one single point of contact
  • Individual chance and risk evaluation based on your criteria
  • Unified independent credit rating
  • Standardized information



Exaloan is a technology service provider for institutional investments in digital loans. Integrated into our software architecture is our advanced analytics platform Loansweeper™, which derives a unified credit score for each individual loan based on a proprietary data model.

Loansweeper™ enables institutional investors to define a fully customizable professional investment process according to their own risk preferences. The software can be implemented globally across existing lending platforms and be embedded efficiently with full automation in investment products.

loansweeper flow diagram




Exaloan is a German Stock Corporation (AG) registered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Our setup meets the highest professional corporate governance standards.



Amongst our founders, we have over 100 years of relevant (fin-)tech experience. We have a proven track record of delivering advanced and innovative solutions within the finance industry.



Our service has been developed around the team’s expertise in handling data analytics, credit models and capital markets. Our technology incorporates the most recent research in the field of predictive analytics.



Luca Frignani, CEO

Luca is passionate about predictive analytics and has spent several years working as quant researcher and developer for asset managers. He graduated with honours from EDHEC Business School                                              


Andreas Höfner, Equity Partner

Andreas is a serial entrepreneur and investor with vast experience in founding, developing and managing enterprises with a strong focus on the Fintech and IT industry. His proven track record in the digital transformation of the industry is based on his ability to leverage his extensive network in order to build creative teams with strong execution skills


Prof. Dr. Gregory Wheeler, Equity Partner

Greg is Professor of Philosophy & Computer Science at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, where he teaches graduate machine learning courses and is the founder and director of the Center for Human and Machine Intelligence. He holds a PhD from the University of Rochester                                                                    


Dr. Tom Oliver Schorling, Equity Partner

Prior to co-founding Exaloan, Tom has been a partner in prestigious international law firms for over 20 years. Tom is a renowned legal expert in banking and finance and has advised many high profile international financing and restructuring transactions during his legal career                                                                                         

Chrisowalandis Deligio, Software Developer

Chris is a talented Software Developer specialized in Python, Java, C++ and MySQL. He is capable of adapting to new architectures very quickly. With great passion he is interested in working on complex and cutting-edge projects


Christian Kolb, Supervisory Board Member

Christian is a member of Exaloan's Supervisory Board and supports the team with his deep insights and experience in credit and capital markets. He is also Member of the Executive Committee at HSBC in Germany and responsible for Mid-Market Enterprises in the Corporate and Institutional Banking division


Emna Makni, Junior Market Researcher

Emna is a final year bachelor student at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management studying Banking and Finance. In her young career she has gathered insight in various fields in the asset management industry. She is very interested in investment analytics and blockchain technology                                                                

Julian Rupp, Chief of Staff

Prior to joining Exaloan, Julian has worked in the Investment Banking Division of SEB and in the Leveraged Finance team of Commerzbank. He holds a M.Sc in Finance from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management                                                                                     


Katharina Lentge, Business Developer South East Asia

Katharina is an analytical, empathic and passionate Business Developer with a fascination for behavioral economics and system design. Before joining Exaloan she worked in data analytics for innovation research in Asia. She holds a B.Sc. from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany                                                                          


Kejsi Kondo, Junior Market Researcher

Kejsi is driven, creative and self-motivated and likes to devote herself to a task. She pays attention to detail when dealing with research and understands how to leverage social media channels well.  Currently studying Banking and Finance at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management                                                               

Klaus Heil, Head of Business Development APAC

Klaus is a former member of the senior management team of the leading german DFI responsible for Markets, Banking, Funding and Risk. He is based in SEA and keen to bridge the gap between highly innovative european companies and rapidly growing ASEAN Markets


Romy Ritter, Head of Operations

Romy is an experienced project leader passionate in driving transformation and organizational change for both start-up and corporate structures. As a systems thinker she builds sustainable organizations relying on her ability to coordinate teams with high empathy, structure, and goal orientation                                       


Thu Nguyen, Junior Market Researcher

Thu is a master student at University of Kassel, majoring in Economic Behavior and Governance with a strong focus on Behavioral Finance. She graduated bachelor in banking and finance with a good background in banking operations and financial investment. She has a great interest in quantitative analysis, behavioral finance, and FinTechs


Tibor Schade, Finance & Tax

Tibor has many years of experience in consulting and auditing for international banks, financial service providers and FinTechs. He is a German certified public accountant. His professional passion is the balancing of new business models and the digitalization of backoffice processes


Taisiia Melnyk, Junior Software Developer

Taisiia is enthusiastic, responsible and hard-working IT person. She loves Python, JavaScript and talking about code. One of her objectives is to keep updated with the latest IT trends and technologies                                                              

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